Frequently asked questions

Yes, you have to sign up in order to use our click to call and e-mail services.
No registration is required for the Mediatel service.

To sign up you can always visit the homepage and create your personal profile by pressing LOG IN.

Usually, a call lasts about 6 to 8 minutes time.
It is important to have your questions prepared in a piece of paper in front of you.

Through click to call, you can select the package that suits for needs. In case you are running out of credits,  you will receive an on-call notification.
Through the Mediatel service you can talk for 20 minutes maximum.

In case you do not use all your click to call credits, you can return consume them within 1 year.
In case 1 year has passed, your the credit amount is returned to your account.

You can find a certain Consultant by typing his/her name in the search box here.

You are able communicate with a Consultant through click to call or email. Mediatel is not offered abroad.

Your personal data remain anonymous and are never shared with anyone, neither with our legal consultants.

If you do not wish to use your credit card, you can use the Mediatel service.
More info about rates can be found here.

The purpose of our platform is offering legal advice to you.
If your case requires a meeting with the Consultant, you can arrange an appointment with the Consultant of your choice.

Rates depend on the communication method you will choose.
Learn more here. provides you with advice of various specializations which you can explore here.

In case the Consultant is not able to answer your question during the call, he/she will ask to be called back later, as most probably your question requires investigation.
Laws are constantly changing, thus Consultants have to ensure the most appropriate answer for you.

In order to protect your anonymity we do not disclose personal data to the associates you communicate with through Therefore, in case the phone call is terminated suddenly you need to call back the associate you chose.

Yes, you can find the same Consultant again by typing his/her name in the search engine.

The service is available via computer, mobile, or land line phone.

Through the Low – Middle – High bar you can choose the level of detail you would like to receive from the consultant.

It is important for our associates to know how much detail they need to get on their answer in order to serve you better and to offer you a relevant quote.

Of course they are.
And the same goes for all employees.
If you do not reveal your identity to the person you are communicating with, your identity and personal data is never revealed.
The e-mail address you provide with your registration at is used exclusively by for informative actions or for the delivery of invoices.

You can use the contact form here and contact us about any problem you may be experiencing.



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