Our flexible rates allow you to manage costs the way it suits you best.

Todikio.gr, simply and comprehensively, connects you with lawyers, tax specialists, notaries and other consultants.


You can purchase talk-time in advance for a call through the click to call service, at rates of 2€ per minute (minimum charge 10€ for 5 minutes). Either a credit or debit card is required.


A conversation through the mediatel service comes on rates of 2.50€ per minute for land-line and mobile calls. Maximum talk time is 15 minutes. The charges are made through the telephony provider.


E-mail exchange through todikio.gr portal. Our consultant gives out an financial offer after reviewing what is required. Either a credit or debit card is required.

click to call


For each conversation minute through click to call you pay 2€ per minute (VAT included).

  • In case you choose the click to call service, you must pre-purchase talk time, via debit or credit card, using the secure banking environment of todikio.gr.
  • The minimum talk time you can purchase in advance is five (5) minutes, valued 10€.
  • If you expect that you will require more than 5 minutes, then it is better to buy in advance one of the larger packages of 25 or 50 minutes.
    Otherwise you will have to end your conversation and repeat the credits purchase.
  • The rate of 2€ per conversation minute is valid either if the call is made by a mobile or a land line phone, for both domestic and foreign calls.
  • The click to call service is available abroad.
5 minutes 60 minutes
50€ - 25 conversation minutes



For each minute of telephone conversation through mediatel you are charged 2.50€ for land line and mobile calls (VAT included).

  • Call directly the Consultant of your choice and the Mediatel service will be charged to your telephony services provider (for both mobile and land lines) on your next telephony bill.
  • The rate of 2.50€ per minute is valid either if the call is made from a mobile or a land line.
  • The maximum time of your call is 20 minutes.
  • The mediatel service is not available outside Greece.



For the e-mail exchange service you are charged according to the nature of the advice required.

  • You have the option of communicating for free with the Consultant of your choice through email. The Consultant will inform you about the required total charges for his/her consultation.
  • After you have agreed on the consultation cost, you have the option of settling it up through your personal account (via debit or credit card) and the Consultant will proceed in compiling a final consultation answer.
  • The e-mail service is paid and settled up directly without being discounted from the available balance for the click to call service.

Available click to call credit you haven’t yet used.

In case you haven’t consumed the click to call credits, your balance remains in your personal account for 1 year.
In case it isn’t used within 1 year, the credit amount is returned to you.


Services invoice for professionals and businesses.

In case you need an invoice for the click to call service or e-mail service, you can select the field “issue an invoice”, which is available through your account page.


Payment methods

alpha e-commerce

All card payments are processed through the electronic payments platform of “Alpha e-Commerce” by AlphaBank via TLS 1.1 128-bit (SecureSocketsLayer – SSL) encryption .
Encryption is a method of coding information until it reaches its certain recipient, who will be able to decode it using a working key.



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